Nothing to Lose

Image 1 - Larry Elder Full Color Picture California Governor Recall Race Yard Sign H Stake

Je l’adore. Cool, confident and knows the street. The best thing is he can be himself as was DJT!

He loses … what does he care?

He is doing this because he loves his country. Send donations to

Addendum: He is a very successful and wealthy radio talk show host with an awful lot of confidence, intelligence and yes, even a slight tad of arrogance. I’m impressed by all of these characteristics because he reminds me of our favorite POTUS!

6 thoughts on “Nothing to Lose

  1. More on my guy:

    His calling card is “we have a country to save,” and to him this means returning to the bedrock Constitutional principles of limited government and maximum personal responsibility. Larry added, “I see the Constitution as a contract that restrains the federal government, leaving everything else to the states and to the people.” As for those who need help, Larry says, “It’s the moral responsibility of the people, not the federal government, to assist. Compassion is our job, not the Feds.”

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Having observed what the Ruling Class did to President Trump, I would think Mr. Elder has much to lose. On top of everything else, he is braver than most.


    1. He has a very successful talk show for conservatives. He’ll be more popular than ever even if he loses this election.

      Not to mention, during his campaign he’ll get a tad more coverage (thanks to Fox) on his strong points de vues about the absurdities of Biden policies. I will admit I find it incomprehensible that the American people need him to point this out and are unable to understand the issue themselves but I effusively welcome his efforts.
      🙂 🙂 🙂

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