Herat, Afghanistan 2010

Static Security of US State Department’s Property (for example the Consulate in Herat) & Senior Management Protection Gig

17 thoughts on “Herat, Afghanistan 2010

  1. If I were a Clinton Crime Syndicate (h/t Rush Limbaugh) I never would have been audited by the IRS. Blackwater operators seemed to get a lot of attention from Lois Lerner’s friends and staff.

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  2. Our Special Forces (AKA SF and the Green Berets) had 20 years to prepare the Afghan Army for this. We are watching another Green Berets failure unfold.

    SF is not 100% to blame obvs but their trainees were not up to the task at hand. I could train kindergarteners to put up more of a fight given that much time and an unlimited budget.


  3. I recommended moving some of our troops from Okinawa to Cambodia instead of to Guam and Hawaii, and got laughed out of the planning conference. This was immediately following the lead planner stating, “Nothing is off the table.”


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