…please continue to ignore me. You are doing so much better now without my service.



20 thoughts on “America…

  1. God is going to work a miracle, Simon. It will take a miracle, and God is going to perform one. God is in charge. The people at Ricochet are not in charge, the people at the State Department are not in charge. God is in charge, Be at peace.

    I know that prayer is not a plan of action. I will start showing you what I am working on very soon. Please wait until you read it before you tell me that I am crazy.

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  2. “America” still lives because of your – and others’ – service, ST. It’s an idea lived out on a landmass for over two centuries. “Amerika” is a fiction, being road-tested in Portland/Seattle/Chicago, etc. It’s an adolescent temper-tantrum.

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      1. Indeed so; a couple generations’-worth of not being taught/reminded that freedom isn’t free. (Not to mention the disconnect of “having” from “earning”. It’s truly an entitlement problem…..SAD!

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      2. I hate to sound nostalgic, but I graduated high school when America turned 200; I have a sneaking suspicion that I and my cohort were among the last to be taught by veterans. We gained perspective from being encouraged to take the ‘long view’, and to “test everything”. Thanks Be….

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      3. P.S. America wouldn’t/couldn’t ever ignore you or your service; Amerika might do so, but be happy if it does. Such a place doesn’t deserve you – or any of your brothers-in-arms.

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  3. “…please continue to ignore me. You are doing so much better now without my service.”

    You read my mind. I have never risked my life (knowingly) to protect my country but as an investor in American companies, a consumer, a taxpayer and a previous job provider, I don’t feel any differently from you. What was all this work for?

    So businesses can close because of absurd Covid restrictions, so citizens can enjoy living on the dole because they’re encouraged not to work, so people can live in fear of venturing outside their front door ?Just last night, my Pfizer friend informed me after I told her I was not “vaxed,” commented, “I guess you have no plans to go anywhere in your life again. This virus is never going away.”

    Well neither am I and I will get Trump or DeSantis back in the WH if it kills me. Letters/resumes already sent. I’ll do anything I can do to help. On my dime.

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