Why Do I Feel So Agitated?

I finally broke down and got my first Covid shot this morning. Didn’t hurt and feel no soreness as I post this. Scheduled my second. I may get through this after all. I even ordered (4) 3-ply n95 masks.

This is what disturbed me: While waiting, I was chatting with a couple around my age who had already rcvd their Covid shots, were signed up for the booster and were in the waiting room to get a flu and whooping cough shot.

Have we become a crazy country?

14 thoughts on “Why Do I Feel So Agitated?

  1. When people don’t look up information about what they’re putting into their bodies, and men in women’s clothing are allowed to do a strip dance in an elementary school, it stands to reason that we’ve passed “crazy” and gone straight to institutionalization level insanity.

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    1. You said it! I’m glad I’m not the only one to detect the insanity.

      But of course, you live in Florida because you must have some common sense. 🙂

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      1. I was born in Florida, lived in several different states, and once I moved back I never wanted to live anywhere else again.

        Yes, one of the states I lived in was California. When I first moved there, I went to a free course that would help me find the perfect job. A woman with a shaker and one with a drum said the were going to lead the group of us into a meditation so that our intuition could guide us. Before I walked out the door, I said, “If I’d wanted Shirley Mcclain I would have rented the movie.”

        That place is called LaLaLand for a reason.

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        1. I lived in CA and NYC before Florida and have never looked back. My NY girlfriends could not believe I was living in FL but guess what? Six of them have just bought condos on the Gulf Coast for a lot more than I paid for two acres and a 4,000 sq ft home even though I am “slumming it” on Amelia Island.


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        2. Amelia Island is quite “posh.” So is Fernandina Beach. If you have 2 acres, that’s what I call a retirement plan. ☺️

          I have two acres in the middle of the woods in a rural county and haven’t been to the beach in over a decade. Most people think it’s strange to live in Florida and avoid the beach. I avoid “Dizzy Land,” too.

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  2. Liz, a recent interview on EpochTV, with Michael Shellenberger – who’s written a book called “Apocalypse Never” – talks about the Progz success at convincing us that we as human beings are “fragile, in need of protection”. I think you just encountered an example of this.

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  3. Final answer: Agitation may be the result of feeling resentment because taking the jab is bending the knee to Progz requirements to be in-group because, you know, the science.

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