10 thoughts on “Mongolia Enlisted Leadership Development Exchange Program aka: MELDEP

  1. Somebody put up a link to a paper written by my Mongolia Army counterpart for implementing MELDEP.
    I suppose it was not difficult to look up Mendee’s English language article since I had recognized him very publicly here sometime in late August or early September.

    Anyway, thanks for linking to that article. Mendee was going to take The DocJay and me hunting & fishing in his country until circumstances postponed that trip.

    Mendee’s brother is supposed to guide me to bag my first wolf. Foxtrotting Flu Manchu!


  2. Hypatia, I would love for you to ring up Mendee to interview him about my role in the modernization of his country’s Armed Forces. Would you mind terribly por favorski?


  3. Seems as if R>’s Knowledge Management geniuses merely changed the URL to make link original link retarded. People I have never met hating on me with a white rage.


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