21 thoughts on “LtCol Scheller is 0302 (Infantry Officer)

    1. He still is very much in the news cycle. They threw him in the brig. He is in solitary confinement right now. His parents are on Fox all the time.

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      1. The 13 servicemen killed are referred to often. I haven’t seen any of their relatives on tv recently. I don’t know if that is their choice or not.

        We haven’t forgotten, Simon. If you are watching CNN, it will seem as though we have, but we haven’t. I am not defending Fox news coverage, or lack thereof-I don’t trust Fox, but people are outraged. In my neck of the woods, signs that say “Impeach Biden” are starting to go up. Biden was very aggressively booed at a baseball game the other night. People are very very pissed off. No one is forgetting.

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      2. Hannity just did a segment on LtCol Scheller, with his parents and Rep Louise Gomert, who visited him today. His parents say that they are very encouraged by the support their son is receiving from Americans. Rep Gomert says that LtCol Scheller is well liked in the brig, and is doing well. Marjorie Taylor Green has offered him a job for when he gets out. It seems likely that other job offers will follow.

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      3. I don’t know very much or anything, really, about her, but lots of people would paint me as Lucifer’s handmaid too 🙂

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      4. a·vant-garde
        new and unusual or experimental ideas, especially in the arts, or the people introducing them.
        “works by artists of the Russian avant-garde”
        favoring or introducing experimental or unusual ideas.

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  1. Pile up 15,000 Haitians on the border of China somewhere just outside their Great Wall and see how humanitarian the ChiComs will become with those brothers and sisters.

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  2. I have been trying to figure out where LtCol Scheller comes from. His accent definitely sounds Northeastern to me, which only makes him more of a threat. Leftists hate Northerners who disagree with them even more than they hate Southerners who disagree with them. Northerners who disagree with leftists are not supposed to exist.


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