Out From Under

I think, maybe, it’s beginning to occur to people that whites, or ”the west” , does not and never did have a monopoly on colonization and conquest.

What took ‘em so long? is what I wanna know!

Mesopotamia, India, China, Egypt, Africa: they were all doin’ it very efficiently and on a grand scale ,for centuries. Dig out those ol’ books written about these greedy, authoritarian, power-hungry, territory-devouring Leviathans. there are plenty of them.

in fact, theres no place on Earth that has not been subject to invasion, to conquest by war or migration, to displacement of one population by another, and then another, time and time again. This is our only irrefutable answer to all this crap about white supremacy.

And this will be our ticket ”out from under” white guilt.

So study up! and stand up!

10 thoughts on “Out From Under

  1. Even our cherished “Native Americans” slaughtered other tribes over land. People refuse to read history; they conjure up their personal narrative instead and dadgummit, are sticking to it!

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  2. No conquest or forward movement of society was without bloodshed. At no time in history did sitting around a campfire with your enemies solve sovereignty. Nope. As put so succinctly by Quentin Crisp: “Rome did not create a great empire by having meetings, they did it by killing all those who opposed them. If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.”

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    1. I am guilty of living Thailand where white men with military backgrounds are appreciated if not admired.

      Americans are facing many harsh reality checks during the Biden regime.

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  3. As far back as the 1990s homeschoolers were recognizing the school books were not teaching Civics nor American History the same as we had been taught because the textbooks were often distorted to support the Progz/communists/marxist/islamic supremacists idealogy and distort conservatism.


    We used ‘abeka’ as the foundation of our program. I would encourage anyone to consider this system.


    To make a long story endless, corruption in America is now so rampant that one must be overly careful with whose truths you are accepting. This is leading us to 3d world tribalism.

    By the time you are reading this, L! will have already stolen it and made it their own. Just sayen’

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  4. Agreed.

    When I try to explain this to the “sleepers” their eyes glaze over. Who could forget the Jews centuries of enslavement at the hands of the Egyptians? Who could forget that white people were slave sold on the barbary coast at the same time black people were picking cotton in the south?

    Apparently, too much of the world’s population would rather reimagine the facts and redefine science.


    1. Have you ever read Plath’s “The Bell Jar”? Describing depression/mental illness, she says no matter where she went, it was like she was surrounded by her own fetid stale atmosphere. That’s what these people are like. NO, America is NOT racist, our entire system is ANTI-racist, anti discrimination, that’s been illegal for like 60 years! Come outside and take a deep breath!

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