Crazy Cowboy Chileno (Part II)

ST UnWoke!

I had paid for our beers, paid for the wine, and of course I was paying 100% of the cab fare too. In his defense EL Huaso Loco was on another planet anyway so it may not have been too intentional. On the other hand the gringo is always rich and gets his money off of a tree so why not let him pay for everything anyway, after all he gets his money for nothin’ & his chicks for free. So about a half an hour later and starting to get dark (it is winter in Chile so the days are short) and I’m thinking that this was not one of my better decisions. The cabbie did not seem to be too happy either – hauling two drunks out somewhere into the countryside.

About that time cowboy says, “There it is” as he points to his ranch house. We were…

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