For Ettes and Ettes-Ceterae

“Nap”dresses: have you heard of ’em? They are apparently the hottest item going these days. And their main feature, the ONE thing they all have, is

elastic smocking.

The summer ones look style-wise like Little House on the Prairie costumes. but they come in velvet, too. Elastic-smocked velvet.

Maybe theyre the mini-skirts of today, their main message being, ”I’m young and you’re not”, because, um these ruffled cap sleeves and gathered necklines and full skirts arent gonna look good on many women, as opposed to girls.

But no matter where you are on life’s journey, my sisters, i would warn you:

you do NOT want to spend a lot of money on a garment featuring elastic smocking.

The elastic threads will break or stretch out. Not maybe: they WILL. Especially in a heavy fabric like velvet. and THEN what’re you gonna do? ( unless you know how to repair smocking yourself, in which case you are a superior species and I’m sorry you have wasted your time on this. )

Otherwise, my sisters, i advise you to skip the Nap.

17 thoughts on “For Ettes and Ettes-Ceterae

  1. Well you must know I’m in total agreement. I do little black dresses, Prada stilettoes and pearls.

    In other words, I work hard to imitate Audrey Hepburn. That look is never wrong! And best of all, it works for blondes in the very coolest way. 🙂

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  2. Ladies; the truth of the matter is that women dress for the approval of other women. I, for one, admire my husband for his appearance but he gets no say whatsoever in how I dress. My girlfriends do!

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    1. Really? But if he hated some outfit of yours would you still wear it?
      It occurs to me that you undoubtedly have a strong and distinctive style and he likes it, which is why he was and is attracted to you, so it seldom happens that you’d want to wear something he wouldn’t like-if you like it, he’ll like it.
      Whenever my BMD gives me a wardrobe item he always says, “This is YOU”. And he’s right!

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      1. “But if he hated some outfit of yours would you still wear it?”

        This made me laugh because it has happened particularly when I was working in NYC. One can get caught up in a “fashion moment” easily enough. Sometimes I did venture off course because it was literally my business to do so (!) and he just had to live with it. 🙂

        I always came back to my true self in the end, though.

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      2. “Sometimes I did venture off course because it was literally my business to do so (!) and he just had to live with it.”

        Examples while working at S5A in NYC:
        1. White jeans in the dead of winter
        2. Black boots that rose above the knee with stiletto heels (I took a lot of cabs in those days because I could navigate nowhere.)
        3. Kenzo emerald green dress with color blocked rings around the neckline (I still have that dress to remind me of how wrong “fashion” can be.)
        4. Ralph Lauren tartan plaid mini with matching jacket
        5. Ankle length black skirt with fur collared cardigan sweater and again with stiletto ankle boots.

        Argghhh …

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      3. Thank you, Liz, for admitting your fashion mistakes. If even a great fashionista like you makes mistakes, then there is hope for the rest of us. Thank you 🙂

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      4. I was never part of the NYC fashion scene, so (hopefully, lol) I made fewer mistakes, but the hugeness of my mistakes was epic. My worst fashion mistake was a horrid plaid dress I bought at age 15. It was very long, and very plaid. Enough said.

        Also, my first prom dress featured a hoop skirt. Hoop skirts were in that year. I find comfort (not much) in reminding myself that I wasn’t the only one. 🙂

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    1. Really all the outfits you describe sound kinda…cute.
      I often see clothes in catalogues or in online ads that make me think:” I wouldn’t mind wearing that…..ONCE.”
      (Stiletto heels, never mastered ‘em. White jeans, I couldn’t’ ve kept ‘em clean through even one workday, if I got anywhere near ink. Or lunch.)

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      1. Thanks, Hyp! But as one matures, it’s always wise to vote for clean, classic lines that are elegant in their simplicity and sophistication. This is why I no longer wear color but strictly black with a touch of white and grey; it works for me.

        Notably, this color scheme has stayed with me since NY even though I have lived in the “sunshine state” for years. I will make exceptions for bathing suits, however. 🙂

        BTW, this post was a much needed relief from the dreary politics of the moment. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity this week to talk about clothing and the NFL!

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  3. K dude, I just asked Mr. Google about nap dresses.

    Final answer: That only looks good on her when on my bedroom floor.
    FYI: That is not a grammar error in my answer.


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