The Biden administration has just settled 4,000 illegal immigrant children in NY public schools at the cost of $20k per student funded by guileless taxpayers.

This reminds me of the mid-70s busing crisis in Detroit when there was every possibility I would be bussed to the ghettos and separated from my first class suburban public school within walking distance of my home. My mother didn’t hesitate for a NY minute! She had her children enrolled in one of the many private schools in the area and paid top dollar to get us in immediately.

Now, what are those parents in the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn to do if they don’t have 40k to send their kids to private schools?

I feel their pain. ):

This lunatic in the WH has to be stopped.

6 thoughts on “Memories…

  1. Seriously, he looks like he is wearing more makeup than the women who are standing next to him. And both of them are very nice looking.


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