Women for Glenn

Well, well, well … suburban women finally came through for the GOP tonight! The title refers to a group of 27,000 ‘soccer moms’ who campaigned throughout Virginia to help elect Glenn Youngkin. In his acceptance speech just now, he hit all the right buttons- 20 new charter schools, parental involvement in school curricula, investment in law enforcement, etc. Best of all, he is a highly successful businessman and knows how to balance a budget. Also, good news that conservative Republican Winsome Sears is Virginia’s new lt. governor.

My only regret is that this election did not occur closer to 2024. Democrats have plenty of time to backpedal on many of their radical stances, but hopefully the damage has already been done and voters will remember them in three years. In any case, we’ll at least have Joe Biden around to remind us if the country is still standing by then!

13 thoughts on “Women for Glenn

    1. One surprising statistic is that McAuliffe won Loudoun County quite handily- home to that unfortunate young girl who was assaulted in the “gender neutral” bathroom at her school. I truly wanted some revenge for her. ):

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      1. “I truly wanted some revenge for her. ):”

        Should one ever be involved in vigilante justice?

        Would it change your mind if sex traffickers were the ones paying for their crimes against humanity?


      1. I expect my politicians to lie to me but Obama’s duplicity is remarkable to behold.

        What was the name of his male lover? WH staff called him the body guy or something weird like that. I think his name was somewhat appropriate as in Bruce (c pronounced as TH sound) Goldigger.


  1. Don’t you just “love” that the entire L1 community can not silence neither their NeverTrumpers nor anti-Israel members through debate. The so-called conservatives on that site are at best pathetic and useless, almost without exception. Many do their best to undermine our cause by helping Progz take out our bravest such as D.C. McCallister (sp?).

    Where is the spine in the GOP?

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    1. Those with spine in the GOP are taking back the country, as we saw last night! Nobody even knows that L1 exists. You give them far too much credit, Simon.

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