Stockholders Beware!

The $1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure bill (that has little to do with infrastructure) has passed and 13 Republican senators voted yea:

  • Nebraska Rep. Don Bacon.
  • Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.
  • New York Rep. Andrew Garbarino.
  • Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez.
  • New York Rep. John Katko.
  • Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger.
  • New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis.
  • West Virginia Rep. David McKinley.
  • New York Rep. Tom Reed.
  • New Jersey Rep. Chris Smith.
  • Michigan Rep. Fred Upton.
  • New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew.
  • Alaska Rep. Don Young.

A pox on them all! Pls hold on to your cash, inflation aside. I’ve already been approached by all my low-skilled maintenance companies with a 25% increase and frankly, I feel helpless to negotiate thanks to the Democrat party. There will always be clients who will happily pay more for less and yes, I don’t feel like taking on the responsibilities for which I already pay a high premium.

I’ve worked hard to be where I am in this time of life and I resent that now I’m playing D instead of O.

14 thoughts on “Stockholders Beware!

  1. One more comment about something I refuse to discuss in public but I am so verklempt right now, I am going to break the Golden Rule of Silence. I made $300 a share on Generac stock but was astute enough to get out of it yesterday. I love the product because I live in hurricane country and bought a big unit when I built a new house. I’ve lived through three hurricanes without one and it wasn’t fun.

    Just had the tank filled up for the next year- the fuel cost me $1500 vs. $900 the year before. The stock dropped $40 dollars per share last week.


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  2. I recommend (for the typical investor) taking profits and sitting on the sidelines for a while. This slow cultural march towards self-annihilation can not possibly go on forever, can it?


      1. WheelTug (WT) was supposed to begin paying out dividend checks 4-5 years ago. Tick-foxtrotting-Tock and nothing now but crickets on that front while WT’s CEO and chief rabbi teaches his L1 flock the Torah.
        These are the things I do not understand about people.


        1. He’s not making any money; this can happen on NASDAQ as well when a dividend-paying company goes under. So sorry he isn’t public so you could sell the stock.

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        2. I know but then why does he tell potential investors 2-3 years until dividends?

          Answer: Because know one would invest if Rabbi says, “I have no idea if or when there will be profits shared with my shareholders.”

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