11 thoughts on “Bebs-n’-Bikinis (x2)

  1. One of my biggest regrets: I used to rock a bikini when I was younger, but that was before cell phones and selfies. It never occurred to me to have anyone take a picture, and now, no one who wasn’t there knows how good I used to look in a bikini. I was going to advise younger women to avoid this mistake, but then I remembered: they are younger. They are constantly taking pictures of themselves and each other, and there is about zero chance of them being in my situation when they are older. I am old. Sigh.

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    1. They do not lack for selfies. I know because I have an infinite new supply in my inbox every morning demanding my time and attention.

      The things I will do for y’all.

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  2. I read “Atlas” in college, but Rand’s Objectivism left me cold. Whitaker Chambers’ “Witness” moved me and educated me more. (Rand’s quip to William F. Buckley, that she thought he was “too intelligent to believe in God”, shredded any credibility her writing might have had for me. What arrogance!) G’night, JaC….G’night, ST!🐼

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