Originally posted 3 December 2020

ST UnWoke!

Browsing American Thinker this morning, as is my wont , I clicked on the link to New England Journal of Medicine wherein they concluded that, even in a hospital setting, universal masking is largely “talismanic”.
But it now appears with a banner disclaimer at the top to the effect that the authors strongly support public masking if people are going to be within 6 feet of each other for ….idk, shall we say 10 minutes? 20? Do I hear 30.?
Hey doctors: if you think masks aren’t very effective, even as used by health care workers and medical personnel, what the fuck makes you think ( or rather, who the fuck made you say) that the public at large is going to do any better?
They’re now selling special Christmas masks: rhinestones, glitter, a Santa hat, and the word “Believe!”
That says it all.

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