Winning the Peace (Ch. 5) Redux

A feel good but secondary mission is to promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the citizens of the various Partner Nations. Winning the Peace (WtP) Foreign Area Officers (FAOs) may support when feasible, freedom of religion with the end-state being that a Muslim could convert to Christianity and not face death for apostasy. Winning the Peace is not a direct crusade against Islam; as a matter of fact, the pinnacle of this program would be to have WtP FAOs supporting Muslim states that encourage the separation of mosque and state.

Once implemented WtP is nothing more than a human skill set, primarily (but not exclusively) designed to assist and advise Partner Nations to combat and contain the spread of Islamic supremacism; and when required, support measures designed to efficiently create regime change in Islamic and/or non-Islamic countries that threaten Americans and our allies. 

To ensure that we squeeze every ounce of blood out of the FAOs in the WtP program, let us also have them work with the Mexican government to decrease the harsh conditions there that make people willing to risk physical and sexual abuse, even death at the hands of human “coyotes” to come to America. In other words, help to seal our southern border.

Although beyond the scope of WtP project, in order for this program to be successful we have to stop transferring payments, via the purchase of petroleum products, to the Salifists that are killing us. Politicians need to explain to the environmentalists that we can longer afford to buy billions of dollars worth of oil and natural gas products from countries that are financial centers funding terrorists groups. We should increase diversification of fuels, sources of supply, and transit routes.

Recommend WtP pilot program to be fielded in Mexico. By beta testing in Mexico, we begin in a relatively familiar territory to stop then reverse the death spiral in which Mexico finds herself while proving the concept with the shortest of possible communication and supply lines. Additional benefits of starting in Mexico is that it reduces the program’s vulnerability to “war on Islam” propaganda, and has a slightly better chance of winning the support inevitably required from the Department of State and CIA.

Those agencies roles are indispensable in getting foreign governments to accept the program, supporting force protection measures, and identifying the organizations and their leaders that need to be taken down. The pilot program launched in Mexico would hopefully also be the longest running of these programs.

The threat of the Mexican situation to our nation has been downplayed for far too long. Advocating for a program such as this, may force politicians to address our responsibility in the chaos occurring in Mexico and support the fix. In helping Mexico, we help ourselves; and, test the practicality of the WtP program before fielding this in Africa and/or Asia.


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