Patriarchy Dead

Woman raped on Philadelphia subway car and not one person; man nor woman lifts a finger.

15 thoughts on “Patriarchy Dead

      1. Upper-middle-class women of all shades, who read – and believed in the discontent of upper-class white women like Betty Friedan, et al. Not all white women, sir, just sayin’.


      1. Even so, inferences can be drawn. Just as they’re still drawn from Stanley Milgram’s now-discredited “prison guard” experiments at UCLA in the late Sixties.

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        1. Actually I read that all those psychological experiments of that era are pretty suspect. The subjects were ALL white college students and presumable all needed a couple bucks. Not exactly a representative sampling of our population. Or of humanity.

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        2. Indeed, but Milgram was a rock star and took it to a whole ‘ other level: Involvement with female subjects, falsifying data, etc.


  1. From the linked article:

    “Police did not release many details of the assault, which came about six months after a much-publicized rape on a commuter train in October while other passengers were present. Fiston Ngoy, 35, is charged with rape and related offenses in that attack.”


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