Mom and Dad

When she was younger, my mother used to work as a telephone operator in a downtown office. There were prostitutes walking the streets where this office was. My mother came home in tears one day, because some of the other telephone operators were tormenting the prostitutes as they passed by. My mother found that extremely upsetting. She told me, with tears streaming down her face, that whenever she walked past a prostitute, she would smile and nod and say hello the same way she would to anyone. It is because of things like this that I worship at my mother’s feet.

My mother does not agree with prostitution. She is a devout pro-life Catholic, just trying to follow Jesus as best she can. In my entire life, I never heard either of my parents ever say the words “slut” or “whore.” I never heard my father say the word “bitch.” I witnessed my mother refer to another woman as a bitch once, in my entire life. Once. If you asked her about it, I am certain that she would tell you that she regrets that she once called another woman a bitch, and she is sorry.

I am nowhere near as good as my parents are. Most conservatives are nowhere as good as my parents are. When I hear some conservatives trying to devise elaborate intellectual rationalizations for tormenting women they disagree with, I think of my parents, and I thank God that I have the parents I have.

6 thoughts on “Mom and Dad

  1. You have put it across so beautifully. You know, in India, women were always treated equally. Books written 1000s of years ago adumbrate how a woman could choose her own partner. Lord Shiva is called “Ardhnareshwari,” which means God is half man, half woman, or Shiva & Shakti. That means a man was incomplete without a woman. Then came the middle eastern marauders, and everything changed in India.

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