Euthanasia in Canada

According to Tucker Carlson, a 23 year old Canadian man was legally euthanized because he was depressed and did not have a girlfriend. Apparently, Canada wants to make it legal for medical providers to euathanize children without parental consent. I call them “providers” because I cannot bring myself to call someone who would do that a doctor. Also, because in Canada, you don’t have to be a doctor to euthanize someone-nurses can do it too.

Representatives from the U.N. have expressed alarm at Canada’s euthanasia laws.

What in the world is going on in Canada?


12 thoughts on “Euthanasia in Canada

  1. I read an article about a doctor who euthanized his own daughter. It wasn’t here, I think somewhere in Europe. He was a shrink, she suffered from depression.
    As a civilization, we started messing with biology a long time ago. What began with healing morphed into reproductive control, then to the medical community condoning surgical mayhem. The next frontier HAD to be medically assisted suicide.

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    1. Yes, Mass is one of those places. It has been voted down a couple of times, I think, but it keeps coming back.

      I remember a conversation about assisted suicide that took place between one of my college friends and her mother. My friend could not understand why anyone would oppose assisted suicide. Her mother said, in a way that was very dergoatory of Catholicism, “Oh, it’s just that old Catholic thing against suicide.” Their family was historically Catholic, but by the time I met them, they had pretty much abandonded the faith. Obviously.

      I remained silent while that conversation was going on, partly because I was a guest with nowhere else to go and I didn’t want to cause trouble, but mostly because I was so astounded by the stupidity that I was witnessing that I really did not know what to say.

      30 years later, I am still asounded and still have no idea how to respond to such ignorance combined with such arrogance. Some men, you jsut can’t reach.

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    2. *My friend was very aware of my pro-life views. I just didn’t want to get into it with her mother. My friend and I lost touch with each other, and last time I checked her social media, she won’t speak to anyone who supports Trump.

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  2. St, Thomas Aquinas gave us a definition for “some men you just can’t reach.” Invincible ignorance. Stubborn self-assurance plus ignorance….

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  3. Depression can be very debilitating and for many it is chronic. A lot of those people may attempt suicide and their failed attempt may leave them them with harm that will keep them in physical pain on top of their emotional pain. Do you really think it’s compassionate to allow that?

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    1. The Hippocratic Oath, which is older than Chirstianity, forbids doctors to be involved in euthanasia and abortion. But pay no attention to that: an individual who calls themselves SKANLYN on the internet understands compassion better than Hippocrates did, and SKANLYN’s solution is to kill all those who are feeling suicidal. What could go wrong?

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      1. 2/3 of Canadians happen to agree with me. Depression is sometimes not treatable. And people with that type of depression aren’t necessarily just a danger to themselves, such as those mature minors who will shoot up their school. By denying the humane option to them, you are causing more death and among people who don’t actually want to die.

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        1. Right. When Canada holds an actual vote on this issue, please let us know. Surveys are mostly bullshit.

          Is Canada going to vote on this issue?

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