Strike up the Banned

I just got banned again. Ammo Grrrl over on Powerline wrote a funny column about a Japanese guy who identifies в a collie, and in the process she commented about tampons in Mens’ rooms.

so I sez:

Hey, tampons in Mens’ rooms are necessary, okay? What if the frozen tomato sauce cube you’ve inserted in your pouchy anal canal begins to melt and run down your scrawny legs? You better have sump’n to soak up the marinara!

And I added that as I wrote, I convinced myself! Yes, please, DO put tampax in Mens rooms. I certainly never want to sit down in a restaurant and find the spicy stuff on my chair! Let’s make sure the poor wretch has sump’n to use to plug up his bunghole!

I’m here to tell ya that although I am a veteran of banning, it still HURTS! I was enjoying commenting on Powerline. Sic transit…(which is also the mot juste to describe the exodus of the anal popsicle.)

Also, why? I mean I thought I was being polite, nay, decorous, by saying “anal canal “ when I wanted to write asshole or bunghole.

And this use of frozen tomato sauce by “men” to mimic having a menstrual period is TRUE. I read about it on American Thinker, and you can easily find several articles about it by searching something like “men using frozen tomato sauce for periods”. I know, I know, you probably don’t want to…..but hey, Powerline: I ain’t makin this up.
And I’ll miss them: Ammo Grrrl herself commented previously that she agreed with every word I had written there. “A woman after my own heart”, she said.

Come to think of it…..Powerline is intimately intertwined with R>……mebbe they use one or more of the same moderators…?

Simon and Ettes: please don’t ban me for mentioning this admittedly unpleasant topic. Tell me if you think I went too far with my PL comment, and if so, I will never mention such a disgusting topic again. We’ll just pretend it isnt happening. BUT i mean it, I need your sweet love..NOW.

14 thoughts on “Strike up the Banned

  1. I lost my sensitivity to most everything during USMC boot camp.
    I support your freedom to point out the insanity and hypocrisy of cancel culture.

    “Party on Wayne”

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  2. When, maybe 2-3 years ago, When I would argue with some prog about the horror of puberty blockers, I’d get (from the saner ones): “Oh, I’m sure that isn’t really happening, or maybe just a very few times,”.
    Yeah, well now it’s mainstream, ok? An entire effing STATE (California) has just enacted a law that any unaccompanied minor who can get in there can get pharmacological mutilation( and even surgical mayhem) FREE. THAT ‘S what happens when you just pretend sump’n isn’t real, until you wake up and find that no, YOU are now among the tiny minority who does NOT endorse and accept the repugnant custom. Mark my words: in a year or so Playtex will be selling anal tampons made ( it is to be hoped) from biodegradable Italian bread.

    NO I will not be silenced! I will NOT pretend this kinda crap is all okay. It ain’t.

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  3. We are the little Dutch boy with our fingers in the dike. Unfortunately for the world’s poor and truly oppressed, Americans no longer have the balls to hear the truth.

    This will not end well.


    1. At this point I’ll be happy if it just….ends, somehow. Anyhow. I mean CTFO, people shove this kinda excrement in our faces, and we aren’t even allowed to wrinkle our noses? O I give up.

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  4. We are living in an insane time, when parents aren’t told they children are on puberty blockers and kids can tell doctors it’s all right to mutilate their bodies. My parents would have thought it impossible that the world would be so broken in 2023. We should have had flying cars; instead we have a demented president.

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