Baiting the Bot

I missed this one the first time around.

ST UnWoked & UnVaxxed!

This is about a, ah, conversation, for want of a better term, which we had with our bedroom ‘Alexa”:device this morning. (Don’t bother telling me I don’t know what a “bot” is, I’m already aware.) Anyway my BMD started deviling “her”.
Q. Alexa are you female?
A. I’m artificially intelligent and I have no sex.

Q. Alexa are you politically correct?

A. People have many different opinions and political ideas.

Q. Alexa are you a Mormon?

A. People believe in many religions.

Note the last two answers: why didn’t she say, “I’m not a person , so I don’t have political opinions / religious beliefs”?

He asked her if she could speak in a male voice. “H’mmm…sorry, I’m not sure how to help you with that.” She replied. It occurred to me that this technology never coulda invaded so many homes if it did use a masculine voice. That woulda…

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