13 thoughts on “Perfect Light-Medium Hand Roasted

  1. A couple of D’Ettes asked. It takes me a few days to get the roast perfect. I know it is too raw if it breaks my grinder. Too dark and they give my coffee grinder and me no resistance.

    Does that answer your questions my good ladies?

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      1. Miss Skye does it in about 20-30 minutes continuously in her wok. I heat and reheat over as much time as I have available to me. It makes for a cup of joe that puts hair on one’s chest. Nirvana in a cup.

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    1. I was kind of thinking that. I know very little about coffee, but I have never heard of anyone selling hand roasted coffee. If it worked, you would think someone would sell it at an expensive price-there are always coffee snobs willing to pay for that kind of stuff. But I have never heard of that. Or maybe they do it and I just haven’t heard of it?

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  2. Wow, a labor of love from start to finish! Bet it tastes all the better after all that effort. (You’ve almost got me thinking I might enjoy coffee.) Thanks also for the primer on the process!

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