6 thoughts on “Rugged Individualism 2020 – Present

    1. Fauci’s first….Then, every demoncrat autocratic governor who imposed these draconian lockdowns.

      P.S. I think these words were spoken by SpongeBob’s Patrick, rather than Patrick Henry, don’t you? (Good one, ST!)

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      1. I googled “Fauci and AIDS”, virtually everything that came up was glowing praise of Fauci, except for this: https://aep.lib.rochester.edu/node/49111

        This open letter was published in 1988. The author says calls Fauci a murderer and says that Fauci ought to be in front of a firing squad for what he did to those suffering from AIDS.


  1. I think, hope and pray that leftists jumped the gun. The fact that most Americans accepted all of this to begin with is an indication of how decent most Americans are. Because they are good and decent people, they assume most others are as well. Most were not afraid for their own safety, but we were constantly told that the lockdowns were necessary to protect the vulnerable. And because most Americans used to have a very high opinion of doctors, we complied.

    Leftists have blown so much on this: they have blown so much trust and so much goodwill. I suspect that they pulled their mask off too soon. If they had waited, maybe it would have worked long term, but I really think that they have shown their true colors too soon. Time will tell.

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