I Read Somewhere…

…”what really matters is what people believe.

I think this is fundamentally a flawed way to look at an already very corrupt world. The premise seems to be that it matters not how one distorts reality to others but whether or not others buy one’s BS. This takes the old notion of buyer beware to a whole ‘nother disingenuous level methinks. Machiavellianism is awful enough if confined to the sphere of politics. It is toxic in both business and friendship.

Is it just me or is corruption now as thoroughly rampant in America as it is throughout the third world?

P.S. On a completely different note, Peacock/BDB just said for the first time on L1 that he’s been saying since forever but on other sites exclusively that the DOD is now Deep State. When did I first write that? Told you – they can’t steal my thoughts fast enough!

3 thoughts on “I Read Somewhere…

  1. Where’s a good flame-thrower when you need one? Or a mortar or two? Time to fight “fire” with things that go bang. (I kid, I kid.)

    Do not let these plagiaristic puffins harsh your mellow, ST, it’s too hard-earned.

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