Tyranny Never Rests

 Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaking yesterday at the University of Notre Dame said, “The court was thought to be the least dangerous branch and we may have become the most dangerous.”


3 thoughts on “Tyranny Never Rests

  1. After his “high-tech lynching” in 1991, he remained a true Originalist and Justice Scalia even mentioned that HE was less than one of this remarkable man.

    Our best Justice. Evah.

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  2. And the other thing …

    He was highly criticized for his reluctance to speak at Orals due to his “Gullah” patois but that, again, was nonsense. I had the privilege to attend an Orals session and I watched him like a hawk.

    Not intimidated, but wished to listen and then wrote a scathing opinion. Word vs. grandstanding ?

    You know what I think.

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