1st LAI Takes Friendly Fire

“Can you tell us how they describe the event? I have not read that book or read any accounts of that event outside official and classified military documents.”

As promised, ST, here’s the account from: “Desert Storm: A Forgotten War”:

(29/30 JAN 1991)

“The first attack occurred in the west; units of the U.S. Marine First Light Armored Infantry Battalion (LAI) engaged the Iraqi forces, calling in artillery and close air support from AH-1 Cobra helicopters, AV-8 Harriers, and A-10 Warthogs in addition to using their own TOWs mounted on LAVs. At about the same time, another LAI battalion repulsed the probe coming from al-Wafra.

The LAI was meant to be a reconnaissance and screening force, and was not designed to stop attacks by heavy armor; thus it had no armor, although it had anti-tank weapons. Nevertheless the LAI succeeded in stopping the Iraqi attacks, and the LAV performed very well its first time in combat. By the time the fighting ended, some 33 Iraqi tanks and 29 APCs had been destroyed. Eleven U.S. soldiers [make that Marines, and one sniper] were killed in two friendly fire incidents. One involved a Maverick missile launched from an A-10 Warthog: the missile lost its intended target and instead destroyed an LAV, killing seven soldiers [make that Marines]; four others were killed by friendly ground fire.”

Alberto Bin; Richard Hill; Archer Jones. Desert Storm: A Forgotten War [Praeger Publishing, 1998, Pp. 128-129] (Kindle Locations 1943-1946). Kindle Edition.

32 thoughts on “1st LAI Takes Friendly Fire

  1. I believe a disproportionate percentage of white males were KIA and WIA in this fratricide.

    What does CRT have to say about the lack of diversity in dying in the United States military?

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    1. We aren’t going fully tribal, Simon. The ruling class wants us to, but it isn’t happening. They are going to be swept out of office in less than a year. It will be a long year until then, but this too shall pass.

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    2. Those two, with an assist from the “It takes a (totalitarian) village” Arkansans, started this push. The Omegas jumped on board the train. And the Brandons will end up under it.

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    1. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I heard once that percentage wise, American Indians are the ethnic group most likely to enlist in the military. My Dad was good buddies in WWII with a guy who was mostly American Indian, who came from the Southwest. My Dad said that guy was the greatest soldier he ever knew.

      But, yes, the ingratitude leftists display towards white men is horrifying. The stupidity and evil has to be seen to be believed.

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      1. How do the femi nazis and the effete male wimps who follow them sleep at night? How do they look in the mirror? How can they stand themselves?

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      2. They don’t have the self-awareness to consider themselves as *persons*/individuals, JaC. They’re cogs in the machine. Automatons don’t sleep.

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      3. It goes well, JaC! I love Advent! And the fact that I’ll be celebrating Christmas from Dec. 24th (Midnight Mass) until Epiphany, January 6th. I don’t *start* listening to Christmas music until everyone else stops.

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      4. “Just try getting that data from the Feds.”

        Haven’t the Feds already cooked the books on those (KIA and WIA) stats, ST? You’ll be spooning through a great big vat of swamp stew to find them.

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  2. “How do the femi nazis and the effete male wimps who follow them sleep at night? How do they look in the mirror? How can they stand themselves?”

    Soundly in the knowledge they are more highly evolved than are the Neanderthal grunts who keep the anointed (see: Obama, B.H.) safe in their beds at night.

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    1. Unfortunately, the only appearance the 1st LAI makes in the book is the friendly fire incident, ST. If either of us runs across something, I’ll gladly read it.

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