Raise Your Hand If…

…you also deployed to Herat, Afghanistan as a contractor/trigger puller with Blackwater after 20+ years in the USMC grunts.

It did not have to go down like this.

12 thoughts on “Raise Your Hand If…

  1. I think America contracted out its down and dirty national security to ‘somos pocos pero locos’ then pulled the rug out from under the warrior class in Benghazi causing an equal and opposite reaction.

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    1. Different kind of contractor than how the word gets thrown about these days. Brown & Root did the job State or DOD hired them to do. Blackwater was created much later after our State Dept. had fucked up everything worldwide to such an extent that they (State) needed to create an elite private army to protect the non-deplorable Ruling Class types in certain very bad neighborhoods. Or something like that.

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      1. Yeppir – I am intimately and personally familiar with Blackwater and many of it’s participants. Most were pretty good guys (sorry female readers, never once worked with a Blackwater female participant), but in the end, a government contractor still has the same oversites, and I can assure you, those guys from Brown & Root were badass dudes that put themselves into serious harms way…every time they cranked the engine, from the port to the interior.


      2. Nope. Different mission. Did Blackwater drive Deuce.5’s through the streets of Mogadishu through sniper fire, insurgents, heavily armed clan members, all without any protection? Right. Dangerous missions come in all forms, ST, all forms.

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