To Hypatia and Simon, An Apology

The other day, Hypatia wrote a thought provoking post, as is her wont. I regret the comments I made on that post, and have removed them. I am not at all sure that I agree with what Hypatia said, and in fact, I probably disagree, but I should have thought more about it before commenting. None of my comments were intended to be nasty, but it can very difficult to gage the emotions behind a comment when you are not with the person in real life, and cannot even hear the tone of their voice. I knew that, and should have considered that before posting a comment.

I am including Simon in this apology because at one point, I accused both him and Hypatia of being silly-something which neither of them ever is, but which I am, unfortunately, at times.

To both of you, I am sorry.

5 thoughts on “To Hypatia and Simon, An Apology

  1. Very gracious, JaC; although I would demur slightly when you say that neither Hyp nor ST are ever “silly”. In our long online acquaintance with both, I’ve noticed occasions where silliness brought a belly laugh to the reader, along with an invitation to think. Carry on, dear JaC, carry on!


  2. Yes Judy dear, sorry to be so tardy responding to this—hey, we Ettes are ALL veterans of truly excoriating online abuse on other sites—to be called “silly” was like being tickled with a feather! Kindly cease to think further of the matter!

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