Virga Joy Redux

It occurs to me that I have not written a book review since third grade, and my last two attempts at a book review are still in limbo. I cannot do justice to this great book, but I will give it my best shot.

Virga Joy is based on the real life experiences of our own ST. For that reason alone, you should read it. It also happens to be a wonderful book, beautifully written by Douglas Kimball. Virga Joy describes the life of a U.S. Marine, both on and off duty, in exotic locales from Costa Rica to Afghanistan. I don’t want to give too much away. Anyone who wants a synopsis can read one at the websites where the book is sold, one of which is linked to below. But, what I love about Virga Joy, and what distinguishes it from similar stories, is that the characters in Virga Joy are real people. As I read the book, I felt that I was reading about people I knew, or easily could know, and that isn’t just or even mostly because I actually do know ST-I am pretty sure I would feel that way even if I didn’t know him. Many similar types of stories feature characters that are larger than life, who just don’t seem real. Virga Joy is real. The men in this story could be your brother, or your next door neighbor. Or at least, that is how it seems to me.

It may not seem that way to everyone. I grew up in a military town, and have lived in military towns all my life. To me, military guys are very familiar. I have to remind myself that to most Americans nowadays, military guys are not familiar. Which is all the more reason why Americans should read this book. In a country where most people only get to meet the men who protect us in movies and books, Virga Joy is the best introduction there is. I hope that this book will help people to think more about the men who serve in the Armed Forces, and to appreciate more the incredible sacrifices they make for us.

You can buy Virga Joy here:


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