Bad Actors

I talk and write about my parents way too much. It’s because I am both in awe of them and fascinated by them; they provided me with a wonderful and very different kind of childhood. One aspect of that childhood was their involvement in the pro-life movement. They became active pro-lifers before Roe V Wade.

One story that my father would tell from time to time has always stuck with me. They were having some kind of pro-life gathering at our house, and some professional political operative was there to sort of guide them along. At the end of the evening, he was speaking privately with my father, and he told my Dad to be leary of professional pro-lifers he didn’t actually know; according to this guy, there were basically spies/bad actors from the other side infiltrating the movement. This conversation transpired in the 1970’s.

I think about that guy and the advice he gave my father often when I see some of the things that some self professed conservatives say on the internet. For instance, on a site which shall remain unnamed, our gracious host Simon relayed an experience he had with a woman in a pepper field in Costa Rica; around that same time, he also made a comment in which he questioned whether women who are involved in prostitution of their own free will should really be considered criminals. By the time the other members who were commenting were done, Simon had been painted as a sex trafficker and a rapist.

Why? Why would conservatives twist Simon’s words in such a way? Why were they so invested in portraying him in the worst possible light? Why did they even care?

Have you ever wondered if maybe some of those who call themselves conservatives on the internet are really conservatives? I have.

32 thoughts on “Bad Actors

  1. When I worked for the Air Florida commuter my boss had to make me work the counter when someone called in sick. I preferred slinging suitcases under Florida sunshine.

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        1. So it seems.

          It was shocking to see how they have successfully altered the meaning of an ancient expression to cast aspersions upon my beloved Corps.

          They got honorary Devil Dog, d’Nanda.

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        2. You have been through and suffered through so much. I really, really hope those days are behind you. You have suffered through so much.

          This BS you have to put up with on the internet makes me so mad, but it also motivates me.


  2. I think it is entirely possible that Jeff Sessions was a bad actor. Same thing with Mad Dog Mattis. They supported Trump only as much as they had to in order to get into power, and they both started trying to undermine him as soon as they could. There is no way of ever knowing for certain, but I am very suspicious of those two.

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    1. What causes you to believe that they are only a handful? I think it’s far worse than that, especially on a site where somebody somewhere with money has an interest in what goes on. I think they purposely stack the deck in their favor, and I also think that they have nowhere near as many followers as they claim to have.

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        1. Yes, but maybe there are others who are paid to just support the shit stirrers. All kinds of different actors, playing all kinds of different roles.

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