Feminists Have Always Been Crazy

This video investigates early feminist writings to see what the early feminists were really like. Turns out, they were pretty much exactly the same as modern feminists. I always had a feeling that was the case, but unlike me, this woman actually read what early feminists wrote. The video runs about 14 minutes, and if … Continue reading Feminists Have Always Been Crazy

A Monstrous Regimen Of Women

https://noahcarl.substack.com/p/did-women-in-academia-cause-wokeness The article linked to above is a very quick read. The author provides scientific evidence of something that I have long suspected: feminism is corrupting our entire educational system. In an all male environment, anyone advocating for safe spaces would be laughed out of town, but when women are present, all kinds of bad … Continue reading A Monstrous Regimen Of Women

“Patriarchy Is Inevitable, Choose Your Flavor Carefully”

The above line was stolen from a gentleman who calls himself Anthony Dream Johnson. He is an atheist follower of Ayn Rand who loves very strict Christians and abhors not so strict Christians. He also believes in arranged marriages, because, he says, women are too stupid too often to make such a serious decision themselves. … Continue reading “Patriarchy Is Inevitable, Choose Your Flavor Carefully”