The Case Against Women Voting (Serious, Not Joking At All)

The over riding reason why I am very inclined to think that women should not vote is because I am a woman. It may be vain of me to say this, but I believe that I am smarter-much smarter-politically than most women. But am I smart enough to be voting? I wonder. Seriously. Not joking. … Continue reading The Case Against Women Voting (Serious, Not Joking At All)

Some Thoughts On Fallen Women

There is a story going around the internet right now about a twentysomething married police woman who slept with five male police officers. Some are saying that this is not necessarily all that unusual. People on the internet are heaping scorn on this woman, and others like her. This particular woman in this particular case … Continue reading Some Thoughts On Fallen Women

Mis En Seine

My kind  husband woke me at 7 this morning —with coffee!—so I could see our departure from Rouen.  It was pitch dark then; now I’m sitting by our picture window at the stern, watching the heavily wooded banks of the Seine, their white limestone cliffs,  slide by as we head for Les Andelys.(The limestone is … Continue reading Mis En Seine

A Monstrous Regimen Of Women The article linked to above is a very quick read. The author provides scientific evidence of something that I have long suspected: feminism is corrupting our entire educational system. In an all male environment, anyone advocating for safe spaces would be laughed out of town, but when women are present, all kinds of bad … Continue reading A Monstrous Regimen Of Women